FunPark Admission, Access & Amenities

The concept of the Playmobil FunPark in Malta is to provide the opportunity for children to interact with the product thus creating and enhancing PLAYMOBIL’s awareness and image through a fun, safe and healthy experience.

FunPark Play Rules:

For the best experience at the FunPark, kindly follow the Fun Park Play Rules


FunPark Admission

Entrance fees to the park are as follows:

€5 (1 – 12 years)
€3 (12 years+)

Tickets are bought at the door.

The FunPark is on first come first served basis. During busy periods visitors might need to wait if the FunPark is full to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

FREE ENTRANCE applies to:

  • Children under 1 year
  • CRPD EU Disability Card Holders
  • Access to PLAYMOBIL SHOP

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 10:00hrs – 16:00hrs

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 10:00hrs – 18.00hrs

Parking Facilities

  • An open public car space is situated opposite the FunPark with ample parking space during any visiting hours

Entrance and Retail

  • The FunPark gate leads directly onto the street, therefore railings are in place to safeguard and prevent children from running out directly onto the street. After passing through the gate, customers walk into a courtyard which has large Playmobil Figures as well as a throne were children and adults alike can take pictures
  • The main entrance leading into the shop is accessible by all
    • A sliding automatic door is in place which only opens when it detects an average adult height approaching entrance. This will prevent children from entering or exciting the premises on their own.
  • Natural Lighting is used most of the time. Alternatively energy saving white bright lights are affected.
  • Vinyl floor surface
  • There are no ramps and/or steps in the main shop area.
  • The Playmobil FunPark staff is multilingual, with a minimum proficiency in Maltese and English. Staff greet visitors to the FunPark, attend to their queries and explain the available services.
  • At the Playmobil entrance, customers purchase their entrance tickets and /or purchase any Playmobil items from our shop.
  • Playmobil entrance is manned all the time, with security services on busy days.

Retail Area

  • The Playmobil shop doughnut shaped counter is 1m high with two cash points on either side;
  • The shop is stocked with all the latest PLAYMOBIL assortment range
  • The product prices are placed on each and every box on the different shelves.
  • 5 lit product display stands are place at the end of the 4 retail gondolas.
  • The floor is level except for short humped bridge that leads to the play areas

The FunPark

  • The FunPark play area is on one floor, having an indoor and outdoor play area. The indoor play area covers an area of 369m²
  • Toilet Facilities are available (Male, Female, Kids and Special Needs)
  • Nappy Changing facilities are also available;
  • A cafeteria covering an area of 311m² is located at the far end with an indoor and outdoor seating area as well as a designated outside smoking area.
  • The outdoor play area covers 1585m²
  • No Pets Allowed. Service animals specially trained to aid a person with disability are welcome.

Indoor Play Area

  • The indoor play area is floored with a vinyl carpet;
  • A designated private party area with use of stage is closed off and used for private celebration parties and school outings. There is use of ramp for stage for wheel chair access;
  • The indoor play area is designated in different themed zones for different age groups
    • 123 play area for toddlers
    • 4+ area
  • Easy wheelchair access to and from the inside play area;
  • Natural lighting is used most of the time, alternatively energy saving lights are used;
  • There are two automatic doors to enter/exit the FunPark and outside play area;
  • In case of the fire alarm taking off, all the clients in the FunPark playing area and in the cafeteria, together with the staff, are ushered out immediately via the nearest exit and taken to an Assembly Point A which is located next to the parking bays outside the premises;
  • There are no particular known hazards as these are all kept to a minimum by taking precaution;
  • The indoor play area features a Knights castle, a Police Station together with a suspended Helicopter and a Private Celebration area for school outings and celebration parties. All the necessary safety requirements are taken into consideration always in liaison with the Company’s Health & Safety Officer;
  • Bathrooms are located within the internal play area and marked appropriately – x1 male, x1 female, x3 children’s toilets and one for special needs:
    • The male and female cubicles cover an area of 2m² each, the children’s toilet cover an area of 2.45m² each whilst the toilet for special needs people covers an area of 3.4m².
  • Baby changing facilities and nappy dispenser are also available in the bathrooms.

Outdoor Play Area

  • The outdoor play area includes safety flooring were necessary;
  • It consists of a Pirate theme setting;
  • Risk Assessments are carried out periodically;
  • The FunPark staff are trained first aiders, in the event of an accident taking place. First aid boxes are available;


  • Located at the far end of the indoor play area, covering an area of 263m², indoor & outdoor and accommodating 120 covers.
  • Menu offers a vast selection of food for Breakfast and Lunch and a range of sweets and snacks ;
  • Entrance to the cafeteria is through the main FunPark entrance;
  • There are no steps involved to access cafeteria;
  • The flooring is parquet tiles in the indoor & outdoor area;
  • Natural Lighting is used in daylight and energy saving lights in the evenings;
  • The Cafeteria is only accessible by paying the FunPark entrance fee.
Playmobil Funpark Malta HF 80,
Industrial Estate, Hal Far, BBG 3000 (view map)
(+356) 2224 2445

Amazing Kids parties at the Playmobil Funpark

At the Playmobil FunPark we love what we do by making your children’s party a memorable success. Our dedicated team of experiences FunPark Attenants & animators offer a reliable party service and take great pride in our attention to detail.

The PLAYMOBIL FunPark encompasses an indoor as well as an outdoor play area, in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment for your children to enjoy. Different themed oriented zones where toddlers can come into contact with all the classic PLAYMOBIL toys in the many different areas such as City Life, Rescue, Aquarium, Pirates, Police, Knights, and Fairy Tale are available to play with on-site and buy here at the FunPark shop.

Fun & Educational School Outings

A school outing at the Playmobil FunPark is a fun filled experience complete with fun, games and food for the bright young minds. Children will navigate the different oriented themed play areas and be creative within their own mind sets. Our school programs encourages communication amongst the children, improve cognitive development and encourages relationship building.

School programmes that cater for everyone!

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
10am – 4pm

Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays
10am – 6pm

Admission Fee

Child (1-12 yrs) : €5, Adult (12+): €3

Tickets are bought at the door.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 15th June 2024
From 11:00 am till 2:00 pm
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