Playmo Themed

One of the most colorful, magical, energetic and delightful celebrations awaits you at the Playmobil FunPark. Your special day can be turned into a fairytale by one of our gorgeous Princesses from the Disney characters, a magical, cute Fairy or a handsome Pirate and Knight! Paw Petrol and his friends can also be invited to your party and make sure to have a memorable photo with them too. Enjoy and share a delicious bag of candy with your guests and choose your favorite Balloon modeling as well at the end!

Choose Your Theme!

  • Pirate/ Knight/ Police/ Princess/ Fairy/ Mermaid
    • Animators In Themed Costumes
    • Themed Fun Games & Activities
    • Dancing & Balloon Figures
    • Cake Table Decor
    • 4 Personalized Candy Jars
  • 14 Kids & Birthday Child Free*
  • 2 Adults Free With Every Invite
  • Party Meal
  • Playmobil Party Hats & Invites
  • Playmobil Gift To Birthday Child
  • FunPark Attendant/ s
  • 2 Hours Party Time

€450 (2 hours)

* Extra child €14

*More than 25 kids (€45) – Additional animator required

Party Time Slots

  • Monday to Thursday – 17:00hrs – 19:00hrs
  • Friday & Saturday – 19:00hrs – 21:00hrs

Let’s take care of each other – Please respect our house rules

  1. Party Activities will be held outdoors weather permitting and indoors in the winter months.
  2. Party Activities done without props or handheld items as much as possible.
  3. Contactless activities will be used where possible.
  4. Maximum number of children must be discussed and agreed to.

Indoor Play Area:

  1. The internal play area has been sectioned into themed stations keeping the 2m social distancing rule for the safety of our party guests
  2. Large PLAYMOBIL sets have been affixed to bases and are NOT permitted to be moved from one station to the other.
  3. The buckets of figures and accessories will be available for the sole use of play time.

Outdoor Play Area:

  1. NO PLAYMOBIL sets to be taken outside

Terms & Conditions:
1. Provisional Bookings are valid for 10 days. Booking will automatically drop on the 11th day unless party host pays deposit or gets in touch on 2224 2445.
2. Party Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of a nonrefundable deposit on all party packages – €60 for Playmo Fun & Playmo Magical & €150 for Playmo Themed.
3. Complimentary tickets for parents/guardians of party host.
4. 6x complimentary tickets for adult direct family members.
5. The final number of party guests to be confirmed 3 days before party date. We will only waive up to 5 missing invitees – any other invitees who do not turn up have to be paid for.
6. Party Hosts are to send us the Guest list at least 2 days before the party.
7. Confetti, Sparklers, Piñatas, Sparkling Candles, Party whistlers, Lollipops, loose unpacked sweets are not permitted to be brought in.
8. No posters, balloons or any other decorations are allowed to be fixed temporarily against the FunPark walls.
9. Wrapped sweets can be used for the cake display in an enclosed jar and given out to children end of party – together with any sweet packs for the kids.
10. No food and beverage are permitted to be brought in other than those purchased from the cafeteria.
11. FunPark Cafeteria will be open throughout the party – last food orders for guests are 6pm (5pm-7pm party) & 8pm (7pm-9pm party); Coffees and beverages served throughout party time.
12. The designated parent/guardian will take full responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the children present at the party.
13. Final payment to be settled on the day of party.
14. FunPark rules & Party time slot is to be respected at all times.
15. All party favours should be booked through the FunPark. Any other party favours Party Hosts would like to book that aren’t offered should be discussed with the FunPark, at least 3 weeks before the party date.

Playmobil Funpark Malta HF 80,
Industrial Estate, Hal Far, BBG 3000 (view map)
(+356) 2224 2445

Optional Extras

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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
10am – 4pm

Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays
10am – 6pm

Admission Fee

Child (1-12 yrs) : €5, Adult (12+): €3

Tickets are bought at the door.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 17th July 2024
From 1:00 pm till 2:00 pm
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