Mould Shop Facilitator

Job Posted: Friday January 26, 2024
Job Expires: Thursday February 29, 2024

At this time this full-time vacancy within the Mould Shop is intended for Day workIn the future deployment might vary according to business needs.

In the role, the main tasks include the responsibility to:

  • Organize and maintain moulds and their related parts in the Mould Shop Store;

  • Keep relevant systems, including IT ones, up to date and in conformity with the relevant procurement processes;

  • Supply, including through the operation of relevant machinery such as the power saw, and keep track of material issued and to update the relevant systems accordingly;

  • Physically keep the store area organized to the required standard including through up-to-date labelling;

  • Service moulds including through the repair of the heaters / hot runners system for moulds;

  • Prepare moulds for alteration / modification;

  • Maintain the list of ready mechanical mould parts;

Candidates need to have an MQF certification ideally at Level 4 and be able to communicate well both in spoken and written English. The ideal candidates will also have:

  • Thorough knowledge of plastic injection moulds;

  • A basic knowledge of machining applications such as milling, drilling, bench fitting and surface grinding;

  • Relevant knowledge of IT systems;

  • Good organizational skills and an ability to multitask;

  • A flexible approach towards changing priorities;

  • The capability of communicating effectively sideways as well as upwards.

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