Fitters – Process Engineering

Job Posted: Tuesday August 30, 2022
Job Expires: Monday October 31, 2022

Vacancies have arisen for the post of Fitters within the Process Engineering department.

At this time this full-time vacancy is intended initially on Day pattern work however In the future deployment of those appointed fitters might vary according to business needs.


In the role, the main tasks amongst others will include:

  • To check, monitor and update accordingly software system as required.
  • To request materials for repairs through internal system.
  • To support with new and/or internal machine movements as needed.
  • To assist in any repairs and installation of peripherals/equipment accessories.
  • To overhaul accessories and sub-assemblies.
  • To rectify and repair leaks on any machinery and/or peripherals.
  • To service parts/equipment of our machinery with the supervision of their superiors.
  • To be responsible for all equipment and for a clean work area at all times.
  • To ensure that work area is safe to all at all time and Health Safety procedures are adhered to.
  • To perform any other duties as requested by their superiors related to the job.


The chosen candidates need to have an MQF level 1 certification and be able to communicate well both in spoken and written English. The ideal candidates will also have:

  • Further educational achievements preferably including English and Mathematics at MQF level 3;
  • Good Interpersonal skills.
  • Good knowledge of our internal software system and Microsoft Office.
  • Good technical knowledge of Equipment.
  • Good competence in general housekeeping
  • Experience in woodwork.
  • Fault finding and diagnosis.

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